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Yamen | ISO Certified Engineering and Contracting Company


Yamen was established in 1994 to offer the highest level of quality in general construction and trade with excellent service. Our goal is to please our customers by understanding their needs and value and employing all means possible to assure that our work and services exceed their expectations. Through persistent hard work and technical expertise over twenty five years of continuous services, we are proud to have gained international recognition for excellence and the privilege of being the general contractor of choice.


Yamen is an active member of the Lebanese Syndicate of Public Works and Building Contractors and is classified by the Lebanese governing authorities as a grade A contractor – the highest grading level - in all its activities. Its operations are directed from its headquarters in the capital Beirut and other branches located in the cities Saida and Nabatieh. The establishment activities are concentrated on construction and general trading such that it executes development projects for the Lebanese State in all regions of the country; furthermore, it executes projects for the private sector.


Along with its vast experience in contracting, Yamen has affirmed its position as a leader in the construction materials industry and is recognized as a provider-of-choice for quality products in south Lebanon. Besides its wide experience in the market and long lasting client relationships, Yamen distinguishes itself from other suppliers through operating fully computerized batching and manufacturing plants equipped with the most advanced technologies in the building materials sector. Yamen manufactures and sells ready mix concrete, ready mix plaster, asphalt, hollow blocks, hourdis, interlock, curbs and gutter, geogrid blocks and precast products conforming to high quality international qualifications.


Yamen holds an International Quality Certificate relevant to ISO 9001:2015 in addition to ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 in all the fields of its activities. It employs a highly qualified and experienced human staff: administrative and technical personnel, as well as tens of latest machinery and equipment necessary for execution of the greatest projects.


Past and current activities include construction and infrastructure projects for water and wastewater, electricity, roads and transportation, and buildings sectors in various Lebanese regions.



We are proud of our history that provides the foundation upon which we can build a successful future together.

Our Services


  The Ministry of Power and Water endorses Yamen for the construction, rehabilitation, and operation of electrical projects. Yamen contracts electrical projects from the Ministry of Power and Water, Council of The South, CDR, Electricite Du Liban, and others. Yamen ’s electrical projects include: Installation of Lighting poles                         ...

Water and Wastewater

  Yamen executes water and wastewater projects in favor of the Council of the South, Ministry of Energy & Water, CDR, Central Fund for the Immigrants, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, and others. Yamen has an experience of more than 20 years in water projects’ implementation where we execute water supply networks, sewer networks with lift and pumping stations, well drilling and equipment, ground and elevated tanks construction, manhole installation &...

Roads and Transportation

  Yamen  is a licensed “Class A” general contractor which contracts roads and highways projects from Council of the South, Municipalities, Central Fund for the Immigrants, Ministry of Public Works and Transportation- Directorate of Buildings and Roads, CDR, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, and others. We strive to provide top quality services to all our patrons via our subservient and dedicated staff, maintenance experience, and multi- various equipment....


  Yamen  is classified as a  class “A” contractor that works for the public and private sectors with various fields of expertise in buildings construction such as construction of schools, sports stadiums and courts, community centers, educational complexes, medical centers, residential complexes, shelters, slaughterhouses, theater stages, kindergartens, etc. Yamen has executed works for the benefit of the Council of the South, CDR, Kuwait...

Sand Washing Plant

  Unique Quality... Yamen owns Comec Sand Washing Plant which provides improved sand quality free from impurities, such that it cleans, liquidates, filters, purifies, and dries the sand to be used in the concrete manufacturing process. Since it's equipped with Dual HYDROCYCLONES - the latest technology in sand washing - it allows the sand to be washed twice ensuring utmost sand quality. Keeping in mind environment protection, we have added water recycling units with huge water...

Blocks and Precast Products

  Yamen  owns a fully computerized block making factory, T&P MODEL “C110”, for the production of various vibrated concrete products. The production cycle time is about 40-45 sec, where it produces about 3500 blocks 20*20*40 cm in 8 hours.  The factory is also equipped with an automatic stone piston which presses the blocks to give exact and accurate measures of same items. Blocks are manufactured according to a mixture composed of powdered gravel and cement, in...


  Yamen operates “Marini” asphalt plant with a capacity of 200 T/hr. It is automated asphalt producing plant, where asphalt is a combination of asphalt oil, gravel, and sand, heated and laid out on surfaces. The ministry of public works laboratory conducts regular tests on our finished products; whereby, they always grant us the approval due to the high quality attained. Our company owns a fleet of graders, asphalt rollers, asphalt planers, and asphalt...

Ready Mix Concrete

  Yamen owns two fully computerized concrete batching plants: Stetter Concrete Batching and Mixing Plant with a production rate of 1 m³/ batch and 60 m³/ hr. IMER Concrete Batching and Mixing Plant with a production rate of 3 m³/ batch and 120 m³/ hr. All batching operations and quantities adjustments are automated through our fully computerized systems.  Competing in Quality... Yamen is one of the unique ready mix suppliers who have installed a...

About Us

Yamen is a leading ISO certified engineering and contracting company based in Lebanon. It was founded by its owner and current director Eng. Mohamad El Irani in 1994. Yamen possesses over 25 years of gained experience in diverse construction fields and is classified by the Lebanese governing authorities as a class “A” contractor. Its operations are directed from its headquarters in the capital Beirut and other branches located in the cities Saida and Nabatieh. As for the commercial field, Yamen has gained a proven reputation for manufacturing and selling various construction products of ultimate quality.