Water and Wastewater


Yamen executes water and wastewater projects in favor of the Council of the South, Ministry of Energy & Water, CDR, Central Fund for the Immigrants, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, and others.

Yamen has an experience of more than 20 years in water projects’ implementation where we execute water supply networks, sewer networks with lift and pumping stations, well drilling and equipment, ground and elevated tanks construction, manhole installation & rehabilitation, pumping stations, and construction and installation of wastewater treatment plants, etc.

Some of our past and current projects are:

  • Construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tebnin
  • Construction of sewer networks including pumping stations with their requirements in Upper Chouf Area (12 villages ) – Chouf District
  • Renovation and Rehabilitation of infrastructure in various villages and towns of Bint Jbeil’s District
  • Well Equipping and construction of pumping stations with their requirements in El-Naqoura
  • Construction of water distribution network and elevated reservoir (200m3) in Nabatieh
  • Water supply and sewer networks in various towns in Bint Jbeil in addition to the construction of reservoir in each of Hedatha and Hanin
  • Supply and Installation of 6” HDPE, PN 16 for Habboush’s Pumping Station in Nabatieh
  • Culvert construction for sewer in Tyr
  • Water works and construction of a reservoir (500m3 capacity) in Kfarkatra
  • Construction of 3 reservoirs and equipping 5 pumping stations in Marjaayoun's and Hasbaya’s Cazas